Our business is enabling you to integrate telecommunications into your business. Whether you are a Telco Dealer, IT Provider, PABX Maintainer, Cloud Systems Provider, or simply wanting to gain leverage on your existing brand and market new products to your customers.

How can we help you?

Don’t move, We’ll Handle Everything

Integrating telco services into your existing customer base and new customer sales is where we help. With all the hard work done, we make things easy for you.


We provide you with the compliance documentation a telco should have. All within easy reach, in our portal, easily branded for your business.


We know what it is like starting out with totally new products – so we have a simple quote tool for you, and are always here to help you make that sale.


You don’t need to worry about multiple carrier’s systems – we look after all that for you. We even liaise with your customers to ensure everything runs efficiently.


We make it easy for you and your customers to get support for faults, adds, moves, changes, and upgrades by ticket, phone or email, along with a customer portal and Knowledge Base with your brand.


We make billing simple – we provision the services, issue the bill, collect the money, transfer your margin. All done under your brand, with an account portal for you and your customer to view bills, pay bills, setup direct debit and more.

All White Label

While we are TeraFi, your customer will never know, because everything we do is all about your brand. Your product material, your support, your billing.


How our model benefits your business

You’re great at what you do, when you choose TeraFi as your business to business telecommunications partner, we make it easier for you to add telco to your product suite.


You bring the customer – You keep the customer. It’s your business and we efficiently help you run it.


By adding in telco to your existing product suite, you can lock your customer in to your business.

Power Of 1

Give your customers the Power of One. One Provider, One Point of Contact, One bill. Multiple products & services


Increase your revenue. Whether it is through new sales or cross-selling your existing customer base.


Telco is one of those unique business models of recurring income. Same customer, every month, new revenue.


Want to move on from your telco business? Your base, no matter how big or small is a saleable asset.

Our products for your business

Your customers already love you for what you do. Now with TeraFi’ingly great telco products, why wouldn’t your customers choose you for their business telecommunications needs?

Network PBX

Network PBX is our Cloud PBX platform offering Micro, SME and Enterprise levels ensuring your clients get the product they need and don’t pay for what they don’t.


Provide mobile services to your customers over the Telstra Wholesale network. With access to either Data Banking or Data Sharing plans for up to 200 users on the one account, with 3G, 4G and 5G network access, they’ll be able to communicate on the go.


For you customer who need a larger presence or who want to track the performance of their marketing activities, our 13, 1300, 1800, 04 virtual mobile and GEO numbers, provide call routing options, inbound call analytics and flexibility.

Lift, M2M & 4G Backup SIMS

Us the 4G Optus network to manage and monitor devices remotely, or provide backup data for your internet services. With our unique usage structure, you can adapt the product to suit your client needs.


NBN, NBN Enterprise Ethernet, Fibre 250, Fibre 400 and Fibre 1000. With multiple carrier networks you can give your customer options


Print, Copy, Scan. With a range of big brand print management solutions, your customers will get great value, fully managed print solutions, no running out of ink ever again.

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